Lessons Learnt From Playing Poker

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Poker is a favorite past time activity played by millions around the world. Its huge appeal stems from the fact that it is incredibly social, easy to learn, and provides an opportunity to make real cash. However, success in poker calls considerable learning and commitment.

Playing poker often also presents real-life lessons. For instance, running a business and winning at poker calls for identify where you have an edge and striking when the odds are right. That said, here are some real-life lessons learned from playing poker.

How to Identify an Opportunity

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Success in poker and business requires the right timing. The lesson here is that you should always have your eyes open and identify those times when the odds are favorable or when you need to hold back. Winning in poker and realizing a competitive edge in business requires you to take advantage of any possible opportunity you get. In addition, you also learn that times change and a positive situation easily turns out to be negative.

Never Stop Learning

Success in poker and normal life requires constant learning irrespective of your level of achievement. In poker, players are expected to read books or engage with other players to improve their game. As such, businesspersons and young professionals are expected to keep learning for them to remain competitive. Thus, playing poker with kids can be a great way of imparting this life skill to them.

Avoid the Cost Traps

Any seasoned poker player knows that every dollar put into the pot is no longer theirs. Also, poker teaches us that all future decisions should be made without putting thought into prior hands. This is attributed to the fact that the dynamics in poker can quickly turn a winning combination into a losing one. This is a lesson in itself. You need to evaluate and re-evaluate all aspects of your life and be bold enough to avoid unfruitful activities, irrespective of the time, effort, or investment devoted to them.

Trusting Your Instincts

poker tokensIn both poker and life, calculating your odds and expectations is vital. Poker always teaches as to take calculated risks by combining their experiences with some non-verbal cues when making key decisions. This lesson goes a long way towards helping you to trust your gut instinct when making decisions.

Poker and life presence lots of opportunities for those that position themselves well and are willing to capitalize on any opportunity.…

By Susan Walker, ago